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Bespoke Buyer

Property Buyer

This time, you can feel the advantage of having a negotiator who is on your side. With over a decade’s-worth of experience, you will have the best negotiator playing the game that they know inside out; this means that they can secure the property at the best price for you, the buyer!

You’ll feel the relief of having someone to support you, instead of an estate agent whose best interests are always with the seller.

JMO will handle the process for you from start to finish; starting with finding out your requirement, then dealing with the estate agents on your behalf to arrange viewings, to negotiating the deal, then eventually progressing the sale to the point of handing over the keys to your new home.

The JMO Group will:

  • Negotiate the best price possible
  • Provide you with in-depth market knowledge (both positive & negative) of the area you wish to purchase in
  • Free up in excess of 1 month of your life and take away all the stress of buying your home
  • Offer any potential off-market properties due to relationships with agents throughout London



T. +44207 6928 375

James Ozkan


T. +44207 6928 375

of home buyers wish they had professional help throughout the buying process


average price increase every year in London since 1979


of all uk housing transactions will fall through.


of people bought their home through a property agent